Orleansstrasse, Germany - Expert Competition, 1st Prize / New construction

Sven Peters

in collaboration with Hirsch Architekten/CastDesignStudio

The design of this project has been awarded with the 1st Prize by non-profit company GBG in Hildesheim Germany. The design has been praised for its environmentally sustainable design and for its floor plan layouts that facilitate the social integration of its inhabitants.

The building is situated within Hildesheims Oststadt, a city that has 2 UNESCO world heritage structures and well an unique historic city core. The Building and apartments are being planned in line with the requirements according to DIN 18040 (barrier-free access).

The beneficial, positive A/V energy ratio of the building, the specifically transparent facade design and the associated amount of daylight supplied, along with a floor plan that can stand the test of time and be used far into the future, as well as the external and surrounding spaces that provide ample opportunity for high social quality social interaction, are just a few points that reflect the overall concept of sustainability the design.

The 5 story structure will have 16 apartments of different sizes, and a common area with a /kitchen and two rooms on the ground floor. Building and apartments will be planned with in line with the requirements according to DIN 18040 (barrier-free access). The open, light-filled design, corridors and staircase act as integrative parts of the building with communal living quality.